Diabetes: A Family Matter

The Diabetes: A Family Matter Toolkit

Diabetes Educators ManualThe Diabetes: A Family Matter Toolkit takes a novel approach to diabetes care. Though educators generally agree family and community are important factors in diabetes care, diabetes education materials primarily focus on the individual. In Appalachia, where the bonds of family and community are especially strong, an approach that takes these natural support systems into account can only improve the effectiveness of care in this region.

The Diabetes: A Family Matter Toolkit seeks to address the need for a family and community centered approach to diabetes care and support. The toolkit provides information, activities, and media geared towards not only those suffering from diabetes, but also their families, friends, and communities.

What is available in the Toolkit section?

Introduction to the Toolkit
Photographic representation for IntroductionThis section of the website provides an introduction to the Toolkit, as well as information and ideas about ways to approach healthy lifestyles and tackle diabetes prevention in Appalachian communities.
Toolkit Materials
Photographic representation for MaterialsThe Toolkit Materials section of the website provides you with tools that can be used locally with individuals, families, and groups in local communities. Those working in Appalachia can freely use the information and resources for educational purposes.
Toolkit Activities
Photographic representation for ActivitiesThe Toolkit Activities section includes many ideas that can be used to make diabetes more visible throughout your entire community. The activities suggest different ways to start conversations with local people about diabetes risks, intergenerational concerns of illness, prevention of the diabetes and its complications, and the steps needed for good diabetes self-management.
Toolkit Icebreakers
Photographic representation for IcebreakersThis section of the Toolkit provides Ice-breakers that can be used at the very beginning of any session or meeting to, you guessed it, break the ice and get people warmed up and comfortable.
The Family Approach
Photographic representation for Icebreakers The Family section of the Toolkit provides some of the academic framework behind the mission of this project, describing the unique focus on family and community. Family is at the core of the project of Diabetes: A Family Matter. By family, we mean both the traditional sense of immediate and extended family, but also community in general.
The Appalachian Community
Photographic representation for IcebreakersThe Community section of the Toolkit presents information to help explain the distinctive realities shared by the citizens living within Appalachia, especially insofar as it creates an understanding of the relationship between the Appalachian people and Diabetes.

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