Diabetes: A Family Matter

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Family Activities

Some items listed below may not have attached PDF files or even descriptions. These are not only suggestions, but invitations to our Social Network to get creative and to share your own ideas!

Family Genealogy (PDF)
This activity provides some information that will be useful in beginning a family genealogy project. A number of links are provided to many internet websites that can assist you in getting started. While this project is not specifically about bodily health, for some people learning about one’s family can be related to emotional and even spiritual health. Doing genealogical work can also help you identify causes of death and might enable you to discover diseases or conditions that are risk factors for your family members.
Family Get Together (PDF)
Family members often get together for birthday parties, anniversary celebration, family reunions, holiday events, Sunday dinners, backyard barbecues, and many other things. They get together because they enjoy each other’s company, care about one another, provide great care and support for one another, and many other reasons. While families have many reasons for their get together, in most cases it does not have to do with good health. This activity provides some ideas for ways to include healthy living in your family get togethers.
Family Reunion (PDF)
This activity suggests having a family reunion with Diabetes: A Family Matter as its theme. Use the family reunion as a way to convey information about healthy active lifestyles and diabetes prevention. Several different ideas are provided about new ways to turn the next reunion into one that can be meaningful and memorable.
Game Ideas (PDF)
Years ago children eagerly played active games, but these old games are played less often as children spend more time inside playing with or being entertained by electronics. Children also spend less time with groups of other children outdoors playing together. At the next family get together, see if you can introduce them to these old games. Children love it when adults play the games with them, so be sure to get involved.
Intergenerational Family Fun Materials (PDF)
This activity suggests a variety of ways families can include multiple generations in some active and fun physical activities. Many people in families are busy individuals, but spend little active time with one another. So a challenge in this activity is getting people to realize the benefits of getting to know family members better and spending some active times together.
Physical Activity (PDF)
This information can be useful to individuals who want to change personal physical activity levels. It also suggests many ideas that can be useful in getting family members of different ages to get active together. Although this is listed here in the family section, the information can be useful to those making plans to start a group activity.