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  • April 1

    Take a look at the new and updated website for the Strengthening Communities to Prevent Diabetes in Rural Appalachia's Vulnerable Populations project. Here you will find information about the CDC funded project that is working to prevent type 2 diabetes and its complications in 11 counties in four Appalachian states (KY, MS, OH, VA). This project is divided into activities for three different regions and work with coalitions in every county. Each county is working to establish sustainable activities in their counties that promote actions in four areas:
    1. Build knowledge about healthy eating, active lifestyle, and diabetes management that prevents complications that threaten the quality of life and number of years lived
    2. Identify ways to change individual, family, and social health related behaviors
    3. Identify environmental risks that are barriers to healthy lifestyle behaviors and take action steps for making useful changes
    4. Consider ways local policies can be developed and put in place that promote a culture of healthy living

  • April 12

    Use of what is called 'edutainment' has been part of the development of the "Diabetes: A Family Matter" toolkit materials. Edutainment is about identifying new ways to educate, but using methods that are not merely traditional ways of teaching or spreading knowledge. Some new films about diabetes in the Appalachian region have been made during the Strengthening Communities to Prevent Diabetes in Rural Appalachia's Vulnerable Populations project. On the front page of this website you will find links to films about diabetes in the three regions (Region I, Region II, and Region III). You will also find a brand new film just completed called "Mountains of Trouble." This film is about diabetes in the whole of Appalachia and will be useful to share with groups wanting to better understand this growing epidemic problem in the region. If you have not yet viewed our film about tobacco in the Appalachian region, then you will want to see "Tobaccolachia." This film provides facts about the problem of tobacco in Appalachia, a particular problem for those with or at risk for type 2 diabetes and its complications. Watch the film and identify some ways to discuss tobacco risks and use with young and older persons. Finally a new CD called "Healthy for GOoD" has been made with a variety of genres of music, but each song has a message that could be used for teaching about living in ways that can prevent type 2 diabetes and its complications. All of these items can be viewed, downloaded, copied and shared for free. Please contact Dr. Sharon Denham at denham@ohio.edu with any questions.

  • April 12

    Through the Strengthening Communities to Prevent Diabetes in Rural Appalachia's Vulnerable Populations project, a faith based health ministry has been started and we are calling the project "Healthy for GOoD." This work involves church health teams that are focused on working to improve the health and wellness of their personal and church families. Church teams from the regions have attended educational sessions in Scioto County, OH; Morgan County, KY; Russell & Wise, VA; and Kemper, Noxubee, & Winston Counties in MS. This ongoing work is building on the strengths of local people to help themselves and support one another to take small steps toward making big changes in their daily lives. By thinking about body, mind, and spirit, these groups are thinking more about what it truly means to live an abundant life. A new music CD called "Healthy for GOoD" is available and offers a themes song and other music to use in spreading messages about living long and healthy lives.

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