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Adams County, Ohio


Adams County, OH

Adams County is located in southern Ohio along the Ohio River. It is approximately 50 miles east of Cincinnati and is considered the “Edge of Appalachia.”  According to Ohio Department of Development, the county had 28,160 residents as of 2007. Adams County’s racial make-up is predominately white (97.9% of residents). The county has a total area of 586 square miles- 584 square miles of land and 2 square miles of water.  It is home to many parks and preserves including Serpent Mound, an archeological wonder.  The median household income is about $29,315.  Around 12.8% of the county’s families and 17.4% of the total population live below the poverty line. In May 2010, the unemployment rate was 13.6%.  The median age of the county residents is 36.3 years of age.

In total, the county has about 19 physicians (MDs & DOs) working within the county.  Two hospitals serve the county- Adams County Hospital and Adams County Regional Medical Center- each has 25 beds. Five nursing homes are located within the county with a total of 324 beds.  Forty-two percent of adults have employer-based insurance. 
The major employers in Adams County include Adams County Government, Adams County Hospital, Adams Co/Ohio Valley Local Board of Education, DPL Inc/Dayton Power & Light Co, Eagle Creek Nursing Center, General Electric Co, Maca Plastics Inc, Toyo Denso Co/Weastec Inc, and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 

The Amish community in Adams County has grown from its humble roots in 1976 to a community of over 96 households. County visitors will find a variety of shops, bakeries, furniture stores, goods and services. Amish buggy's and horses, children on scooters, babies being pulled in wagons, and clothes drying in the fresh air, are some of the sights visitors will observe while on Wheat Ridge.

A number of interesting things can be found to do in this county. Visit its many historical sites, take a day tour of its Quilt Barn Trail, visit the antique shops, and spend time in the great outdoors fishing or camping.

Adams County

Cities, Villages, and Communities:

Villages: Cherry Fork, Manchester, Peebles, Rome, Seaman, West Union, Winchester

Unincorporated Communities: Bentonville, Blue Creek, Lynx, Tranquility, Panhandle, EmeraldJessup, May Hill, Harshville, Wheat Ridge, Beasly Fork, Unity, Wamsley


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