Diabetes: A Family Matter

Toolkit Activities

Community Activities

Some items listed below may not have attached PDF files or even descriptions. These are not only suggestions, but invitations to our Social Network to get creative and to share your own ideas!

Appalachian Trail (PDF)
This activity gives some information about the Appalachian Trail and suggests two different ideas linked with it. This activity is especially focused on physical activity and has ideas for individuals, families, and groups.
Ask Me Campaign (PDF)
The purpose of this activity is to raise community awareness about healthy lifestyles and diabetes risks in your community. The campaign is aimed at health promotion and disease prevention. Diabetes is often a hidden disease. People do not talk about the risks of type 2 diabetes and its family risks often. By using campaign buttons and word of mouth, young school age children, teens, young adults, parents, mature citizens, and the very old can all help with this campaign.
Community Garden Projects (PDF)
Getting outdoors is a great way to get active and garden projects provide a good way to get families and communities involved in growing healthy fruits and vegetables. Several different activities are suggested. Ideas for ways to include individuals, families, groups, and the entire community are included.
Community Theatre (PDF)
The purpose of this activity is to serve as an awareness and fund-raising event for your Diabetes: A Family Matter program or for your local diabetes coalition. By inviting local actors and using community theatre, the three short SUGAR Plays can be enacted locally. Each play provides a different perspective about living with diabetes in the Appalachian and provides an entertaining way to get some important health messages across to others.

County Fair

Diabetes Awareness Month (PDF)
Across the nation, the month of November is recognized as National Diabetes Awareness Month. Be sure to plan some special activities and events in your community.
Food Pantries (PDF)
This activity has to do with getting involved with the local food pantry or food pantries in your community. First, as a volunteer you can become acquainted with what is done here and offer to help with needed activities. After you are well involved in the work of the food pantry, then this activity suggests some ideas that SUGAR Helpers can share with others. The ideas are ways to extend the programs and activities already available.
Health Fair (PDF)
Most health professionals are familiar with health fairs and have participated in at least a few during their career. Some people in the community are eager to attend health fairs. One challenge with these events is reaching all of the people that need the information. Those that attend health fairs are often people that are already paying attention to the health needs. A big challenge is to find ways to attract those that are less likely to attend a traditional kind of health fair. This activity suggests some ideas to consider when planning and organizing your next health fair.
Let’s Get Musical (PDF)
This activity is a useful way to raise community awareness about diabetes and inform about individual and family risks and can also be a way to have a local fund-raiser for your Diabetes: A Family Matter program. In this activity, a local competition invites everyone to share what they know, believe, and their personal experiences with diabetes through a musical or more artistic event. This activity will provide ways to spread facts about diabetes topics in creative ways. This activity encourages young and old to share ideas about diabetes in creative, imaginative, and fun ways.

Local Libraries

Outdoor Activities (PDF)
Fishing and hunting are long valued activities that many in the Appalachian region enjoy. Young boys, teens, and grown men well into their later years often participate in these often seasonal sports. Of course, they are also of interest to some girls and women as well. While these sports were once a primary way food for the family was secured, today they are mostly viewed as leisure behaviors. However, promoting these behaviors can be a fun way to engage local people in spending more time enjoying the outdoors. Thinking about them as family activities is also a way to consider increasing physical activity, healthy eating, and address environmental concerns. However, fishing and hunting are only two of the many possible ways one might think about outdoor activities.
Participatory Photography (PDF)
This photography activity will be useful for support groups, family groups, and other groups of people. The activity can involve everyone and provide ways to share what people know, believe, and their personal experience with diabetes.
Participatory Sketching (PDF)
This artistic activity will be useful for support groups, family groups, and other groups of people. The activity can involve a few or many and provides ways to make diabetes prevention and management more visible.
Pot Luck Dinners (PDF)
Pot luck dinners are common in the Appalachian region. Other names for this event are things like carry-in, covered dish supper, pitch-in, or bring-a-plate. Many in the Appalachian region often enjoy these shared meals where everyone comes together. However, it is possible that some people are giving little attention to special dietary needs of some group members. Even with a national concern about the high risks linked with being overweight, obese, and inactive; many groups of people that truly care about each other fail to address these concerns. This activity is about raising awareness about ways to give care to those with diabetes or other special dietary needs. It is also a way to consider things such as healthy eating.