Diabetes: A Family Matter

Media Campaign Materials

A number of materials are provided that might be useful in conducting a local health promotion or diabetes prevention campaign.

Public Service Announcements for Diabetes (PDF)
This file gives some ideas for creating your own radio or television messages for use in your local community. It suggests some useful ways to help get you started.
How to Write a Feature Story (PDF)
This file provides some suggestions and ideas about writing a feature story about healthy living, diabetes prevention, or living with diabetes for your local newspaper. Telling others about your Diabetes: A Family Matter program in a variety of ways is an important step in communicating ideas about healthy eating and increasing physical activity. If you want to reach a variety of people in your community, it is important to use a variety of methods to communicate the story.
How to Write a Press Release (PDF)
Whenever you are sponsoring a local event, you always want to let the local news media know. This is an excellent way to communicate information to others and one that is usually inexpensive or even free. Informing local residents about the Diabetes: A Family Matter program, recruitment of local volunteer SUGAR Helpers, Training programs for these volunteers, and special events or campaigns being sponsored are all times to consider writing a press release. This file suggests some ideas to consider when writing a press release.
Conducting a Media Campaign (PDF)
In order to effectively inform local people about new information, you must find ways to tell the story and spread the news. A media campaign generally means that you want to have a steady stream of informative pieces of information. Combining the efforts of local media services, businesses, volunteer SUGAR Helpers, your diabetes coalition, and health professionals are ways to begin a campaign. This information can help you get started and give you tips on finding even more information.
Advertise for a Volunteer Position (PDF)
We often see advertisements for paid positions, but we less often see ones for volunteers. Many people in your community would enjoy doing some citizen action, giving a few hours a week to make a difference in the lives of people in their community. However, before people can volunteer they must know that they have skills that are useful and that there is work that they can do. Therefore, it is important to inform them about ways that they can become involved with your local diabetes coalition, Diabetes: A Family Matter program, and volunteer to become a SUGAR Helper. This information can give you some ideas about how to reach out to community people.